Monday, July 7, 2008

happy happy 4th!

we had a great 4th of july weekend! ben's parents came down to visit us for the weekend. which was a really nice treat! we spent lots of time shopping, laying out and we grilled almost every night. it was really relaxing!

mom & dad habeck of my new favorite girls!

edward sandwiched between us!

he was such a nice guy!

a friend of ours (amber) had a guy from kenya staying with her, edward. he was super nice!
he placed 17th in the peachtree road race. he has been in the states for 6 months to run races and bring the money that he wins back to his family. we were so lucky to have him join us for dinner on the 4th. i got to ask him lots of questions. life is just so different over there. he was so nice and so thankful! he taught me a lot! it's funny - i know god is working with me right now. i'd like to go on a missions trip sometime in the near future. a friend of mine is working with a group called 410 bridge to help integrate with the kenyan culture through art and leadership to help lead them to a better future. she asked me to prayerfully consider going on their first trip in october. unfortunately this fall is ridiculous for ben and i so i had to tell her i wasn't able to. but i will definitely be praying about her next trip hopefully in the spring. she would want me to come on the trip to take pictures of the kenyans and document their trip. how cool would that be??? so many passions all mixed into one opportunity! wow!

edward, ben and i

i'm going to try to post everyday this week.
we'll see how well that goes!

hope all is well!



lyndsay said...

You look really hot in these pictures! Is that Jared's friend, Amber? Reading about Edward made me teary...can you imagine working that hard just to send money to your family? Wow.

Anonymous said...

you should go. i know the images you could capture would be amazing, and the images they would place on your heart would be even better. i hope it works out for the spring. love ya!