Tuesday, July 29, 2008


ahhhhh.....finally i got the chance to update my website! i haven't updated it in several months. probably since the first of the year. the frustrating thing is...as soon as i update it, it's out of date already again! oh well...i guess that's a good problem to have! it's easier to post my most recent pics on here and i thought my clients were coming to this more, but i guess i'm wrong. a lot of my clients have been asking me when i was going to update it....so there ya are! it's done....phew!
take a look. i didn't realize i had soooo many new pictures to put in every gallery. i hope you guys like all the new stuff i've been doing!

one more thing.....
my sister-in-law submitted some of the pictures i took of her dogs (below post) into a contest with camp bow wow. if they pick her picture it'll be in all the camp bow wow calendar's for 2009 nationwide! how fun!
click here to see the pics she entered into the contest. they'll look familiar because i posted them in the post below.
voting starts august 1st!
that's friday.
3 days before my 6th anniversary! yayyy!!!



Us. said...

oh my stars, I LOVE the pics!

talk about a crappy time to move away from you guys- i would DIE for you to take pics of wee Whit.
Promise you'll let me know the next time you're in OH. :)

lyndsay said...

your site=freakin' awesome!

audrey habeck said...

you guys = freakin awesome!!!

Erin Morgan said...

Audrey - Happy Anniversary! Ken and I were married on the 10th of August - the same year! Isn't it great? Hope you guys have a great day!