Friday, June 6, 2008

if i were this cool.....

.....i would die my hair red (but it would probably turn pink because its blonde)

and i'd get a sweet sleeve tattoo!
i had a photo shoot in dahlonega last weekend. with the *f* family. and they were fun! erin is such a cool girl! i loved her style. she's probably going to read this and be like, "enough already." but seriously her hair cut and her hair color and her tattoos all equal cool! i've never wanted a tattoo before - but when i saw hers i thought - oooooo that'd be fun! but then i conceded to the fact that i'm not quite cool enough to get one like hers. anyway, she's a friend of a friend and i'm so glad i got to meet her and her husband and their sweet daughter. they are such a cute family. i have lots of faves from this session so i'll try not to bombard you with too many.
couldn't decide - b&w or color? not that i have to decide....phew!! i've never been good at making decisions!
had a hard time with this one too....sheeeesh!
some ttv frames that i found the other day. i love the look of these.
i've been playing around with them a little bit. you can get a camera that actually takes the picture like this. but....i haven't gotten that far yet, so this will have to do until then.
i just realized that we took lots of kissing shots! oh well - just shows how much they really love each other!
another ttv frame. these look so awesome in frameless glass frames.
(ha! that's quite an oxymoron!)
erin's parents came to meet them for lunch after the photo shoot.
they got their just in time to jump in a shot. i'm so glad it turned out!
bella's dad let her write her name on his arm as a tattoo. how cool is that? she was so proud of it. when i saw her she said, "my dad let me write my name on his arm." it was so cute!
hope you like 'em erin!
thanks to nichole van for my new style of editing. i'm lovin it!" (sung in the tune of the mcdonald's commercial)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THEM! they turned out awesome. it's hard because the black and whites are really striking, but erin's hair is so cool, you kind need to see it in color. decisions decisions... they are the coolest family. i'm glad you found some cool spots :)

awesome work aud, as always.

Natalie said...

Erin is my friend and you're right...she is the coolest! Your pictures are amazing. I love the shots you do with the fuzzy kissing and intertwined fingers. So great!

Brazle's said...

Erin's my cuz....I LOVE THESE PICS! You are an awesome photographer and of course it helps a lot when you have great subjects! I wish I were family and I would be having an awesome photo shoot too! Bummer...if you ever come to KS let me know!!! Great job.

audrey habeck said...

awww...thanks so much guys! i had a ton of fun with this session!

Erin Morgan said...

These are beautiful. And the daughter has the best eyes!! Stunning! Keep up the great work Audrey!

lyndsay said...

I really like the new pp style! And her hair is to-die-for red. :)

PS-Ander and I went the other night to get my new tattoo, but the guy wouldn't do it as small as I wanted him to-DANG!