Friday, June 13, 2008

class of 2009.....

first of all - i can't believe we are approaching 2009. second of's kinda making me feel old and i have no reason at all to feel that way! still under 30 thank you very much! phew!
anyway....i am so excited to start taking more senior pictures!
i have finalized all of the packages.
if you want fun senior pictures that capture you then let's go play! i'm talking shots with fashion. think j. crew catalog, anthropologie, free people, InStyle, etc. here we come! we'll try to throw in a fun fashion twist - one that screams YOU!

now let's schedule your sessions!
if you are a senior and are interested in having me *shoot*'s the deal....
you can change your clothes as many times as you want
shout out a location and we'll scope it out!
i promise we'll have a FUN time!
we'll dance to some music, laugh, and hang out!
we'll take a tour of downtown or try to find a beach!
we'll capture you in your essence!

go to my website - and click on $$ to get package details!

can't wait to play with you!


**sorry guys! i hate posting without any pics. but i'm on vacay right now and i don't have any pics with me. so this will have to do for now!


Sarah said...

Okay...So I love the fact that you do Senior shots....b/c my baby sister (Hannah) is about to be a junior but next summer it would be awesome for her to use you....she is beautiful and I think she would love it....just a thought for now.