Thursday, March 13, 2008

lil' red lipped cowgirl diva

ooo - how cute is this girl?
so blu is having a little photo contest, you can enter to win a seat at the soulographer workshop. i've been eyeing this workshop for a while and would love to learn from skye for a day!

i've never entered a contest before so i'm a little nervous - but whatever happens happens. if i win, i'll be ecstatic! if not, oh well...i'll try again.

this is my friend's daughter, her name is chatham and she was having so much fun playing model. she was so excited about the red lipstick. i mean....what little girl wouldn't be excited about that? and we curled her hair which by the way is kinda hard to do on a lil kid, but she loved it! chatham's mom is an artist. her work is awesome!!! check her out at sweet gravy studio.

here are the pics i entered.
what's your fave? i can't decide!!!

donkey love

pure blue eyed sweetness

lovin the red

lil' cowgirl diva


Stacy said...

Definitely the one with the horse! Aud, you are so talented! You should have won! I miss you. Sorry I haven't called you back. We've been in a bit of a sleepless fog..... :0)

Kara May said...

These are so great - love the pp on them.