Sunday, March 9, 2008

happy happy birthday

it was the husband's birthday this week. a whopping 28! i'll be honest, it wasn't the best birthday for him. we were so pre-occupied with getting moved and everything. i did however make him his favorite meal - meatloaf and home made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! mmm.mmmm..mmmmmm i think i lost the wife of the year award with my lack of creativity for his special day. sorry babe!

we celebrated with some good friends in jax before we moved.
we have a little tradition. on the morning of ben's birthday i usually wake him up with a custard filled donut and a lit birthday candle stuck right in the middle. usually the sound of my crackly signing voice is enough to wake him up and get him to eat the yummy donut!

also, another tidbit....

i decided when we moved that i have been eating wayyyy to much sugar for the normal person. so after much thought and a lot of hesitation i have decided to go on a "sweets" fast. no sweets for me. let me clarify what constitutes a sweet (candy, desserts, cookies, etc.). i'm going to try to do this for a month. but i'm allowed to eat them on special occasions - like birthday's and weddings (ugh hmmm...lyndsay 6 days! yipppeeee!). so far so good! and i'm getting to the point where i'm not craving them as much anymore.

here's a couple shots from a couple nights before we moved. we didn't have anything else to do (no tv to watch) so ben messed around with me with my camera (wait...that didn't sound quite right), you know what i meant though!

i've been missing shooting!
i'll be focusing on getting some atlanta clients in the next couple of weeks once we get settled into our new routine here. for all you atlantans interested - contact me! i'd love to *shoot* you!!!




Lyndsay Almeida said...

those pics of you and ben are so fun-i love the mirror one! we miss you. can't wait to see you this weekend:)