Saturday, February 9, 2008

last weekend....surprises and neices!

last weekend ben and i got to go up to michigan to surprise my brother at his 30th birthday party. that was fun! he never expected us to be there, all the way from florida. love ya aaron! happy birthday - hope it was a good one!

a pic of my bro and i at his party.

then it was off to chi-town. ben had to train one of his employees for his company practical solutions and we got to visit our neices!

it snowed....a TON there! so i took lexi and ellie out to play in it! we really wanted to build a
snowman, but the snow didn't want to cooperate.
so we made a lazy snowman - laying on the ground! ha!

lexi and i really wanted to go sledding too - but we didn't have much time and there wasn't a big enough hill nearby, so instead i ran around in the snow pulling the sled behind me. she loved it - and it was a great workout - sheeeeesh!!!!

what about ellie you ask? well...this is pretty much all she does when she "plays" outside in the snow. she just stands there and watches. each his own. ellie is so cute! and she's lots of fun everywhere else! i just love that girl...everytime you see her you just want to "eat" her.

she had enough fun for one morning....

needless to say...time to go back inside and have some lunch!