Friday, February 1, 2008

14 things i <3........

in honor of the ever-so-fast approaching v-day...yes i know....the dreaded hallmark holiday. i thought i'd post 14 things that i love.....

1. running. yes i love running. i crave it. it's such a great time for me to think, i love the sweating and the sore legs....i love the scenery, i just love running. but a marathon? hmmm...not so sure i can handle that much running! i just like me some good time to think and be active for a little while!
2. vitamin water. it's my new favorite thing. i typically don't like anything other than water. but i'm really diggin this stuff lately! especially the xxx kind. it's got acai-blueberry-pomagranate. mmmm mmmm mmmm it's delicious!
3. i love spending some quality time with my husband. that picture is really small - but it's him and me sitting on a park bench - just chillin.
4. i have a new found love of hiking in the mountains. we went to aspen, co for our 5th anniversary in 2007 and we hiked every single day. i'm in love! can't wait to do more once we move back to atlanta.
5. kate spade! her simple but elegant style. i love the fact that her logo isn't flashed all over her stuff.
6. louis armstrong. man....he's got some good music. that's usually what i listen to when i need to relax during the days i'm working from home. he's got some good ol' blues/jazz style. i like!
7. target. that's pronounced tar-jay! ooooo....anyone who knows me, knows i need some good quality time with my store at least once a week! they've got great stuff.
8. magazines...i am a self-confessed magazine junkie! i could subscribe to every single one and somehow squeeze in enough time to read them all! a few of my faves - lucky, elle, in touch, real simple, cottage living, oxygen, instyle, etc. etc.
9. daisies! pink gerber daisies to be specific! i love them so much! how can they not brighten up someone's day.
10. hotel chocolat - pronounced shok-o-la. oooo chocolatey goodness! it's a new find. and i'm lovin it!
11. chipotle....oh my goodness. burrito bowl - lil bit of lettuce on bottom, rice, black beans, no meat, corn, tomatoes, cheese, lil bit of sour cream and guacamole. yummy! we don't have chipotle here in jax. i tried to get myself sick of it before we moved here by eating it at least 3 times a week while we were still in atlanta. but it didn't work. i like it even more now! can't wait til i can eat it more - soon, real soon!
12. jack and lulu stationery. i love cute stationery! personalized is even better!
13. anthropologie capri candle. i mean...seriously...have you smelled these things?
14. cute comfy pj's. another new find. nightgowns. wow...that sounds so frumpy. but they really don't have to be. they're almost like cute sundresses that you wear to bed. i'm really likin them!
15. had to add one more - i know i only said 14 but i had to add forever21. one of the best stores out there for cute tops and dresses! i love it!!!

what do you love? share!