Saturday, December 8, 2007


wow, is all i can say! it's my birthday weekend, and my husband got us tickets to see cirque du soleil "la nouba." we went to orlando yesterday to catch the show. before hand he took me on a little shopping trip, in hopes that i could find something to wear to the show. the mall at millenia is a great success for me. yes it's true, the girl who loves shopping found absolutely nothing. what a bummer huh?

anyway...then we went to downtown disney to grab some dinner. we ate at the house of blues. pretty good! then we went to see the show.

for anyone who hasn't seen any cirque've gotta go see one! it's worth the money. they are sooo awesome!
i had two favorite acts. and the pictures of course don't do them any justice!

this guy has a freakin ripped body, holy cow! and he makes this stuff look easy. thats a girl to the right hanging from this red fabric. they would wrap themselves up in it (in the air) and then twirl down the line. it was sooo cool!

these little girls were another favorite. they did amazing tricks with these little toys - you can see it in the girls hand at the top of the pyramid. they were so cute and perfect!

i'm off to dinner at maggiano's! yum!