Saturday, November 3, 2007


what a fun morning! i had a session at a really cool park in 5 points this morning. then the family and i decided to go for a little walk and see what cool places we could find! it turned out great! what a cute family! the little boys were adorable! and both of them had a bad case of the yawns. where did all of those yawns come from?? then to top off the session...griffin the older one said something hilarious! we were almost done with the session and his dad told him to go back somewhere for a picture. griffin was busy eating his lollipop so he asked his dad why. his dad said, "so audrey can take another picture." griffin replied in a quizzical tone of voice..."again?" priceless! here's a couple of my favorites! i can't wait to finish all of the pics! we got some good ones!

just had to include a yawn shot

isn't he handsome?

what a cool family!

yummy yummy, in my tummy