Wednesday, October 24, 2007


i'm not big into blogs. however, i started this blog for a project called 365. some of you have asked me about it. when am i going to start it? etc...well here goes. some do 365 as a self portrait challenge. i'm going to put my own twist on it. project 365 is going to be about me and my life. that means over the course of the next 365 days you're going to see some self portraits, pics of things that make me happy, things i enjoy, things i love, etc, etc... hope you have fun checking this out. while i have fun challenging my creativity! i want this project to tell a little story about me and the things that make me happy in life.

to watch my progress with 365 visit my flickr page. you can click the link found on the right hand side of the screen. there will be a whole section for 365.

i have family coming into town this weekend. my brother and his wife shantel. ben and i have so much fun with them when we all hang out. we can't wait for them to get in on saturday! so....this week i'm spending my free time getting the house ready and baking up some goodies. i thought it'd be appropriate to start off 365 with a little pic of one of my favorite things to do. bake...yum! maybe tomorrow's pic will be of what i baked....we'll just have to wait and see.