Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"it's a ding-a-ling!!!"

yup, you guessed it! here's the story of how we found out that this little bugger inside of me has a BIG possibility of being a boy.

so, we were at the doctor for our typical 13 week check up. we got to hear the heartbeat and it was pretty cool. when the lady left the room ben said to me, "is that what all of our friends have been talking about - how amazing it is?!?!" i have to add that his face was more than disappointed. i think he was expecting his idea of amazing, and it didn't quite live up to it. i know that may sound kind of harsh to some of you. don't get us's cool and all, but i think we were just expecting a lot more. maybe we're just not super emotional people so it didn't hit us like it has hit others!

anyway, when the lady left i told ben - i think that means we don't get to see the baby today. he was really bummed, as was i. so i told him to "work it" with the lady and see if he could get her to do one. well low and husband has it going on! i mean, i have known this all along but....

so we went into the ultrasound room and the lady was super nice! it was about 10:00 at this point and the little guy inside of me must have been sleeping - man he's lucky! we were all wishing we were still in bed at that point! he wasn't moving around too much and the lady needed him to for the test that she was doing. so she put the ultrasound thing down and looked at me with all the seriousness she could muster up and said, "ok, this is what i need you to do. there's a pharmacy downstairs. i need you to go get yourself a mountain dew, and maybe even a little candy bar!" WHAT??!!!?!?! the dr's office is asking me to eat a candy bar and wash it down with a mountain dew at 10 in the am? oh my goodness! if you know me you'll know this is really funny, because 1- i'm not much of a POP drinker, and 2- i'm not always the biggest candy eater. even though i love it, i try to resist! not to mention it was 10am and the two were combined. but i obediently followed her orders. and i got her a kit-kat too! i knew that would be the golden ticket. so after i could only drink about half of the mountain dew we ventured into the ultrasound room for round 2!!

this lady was awesome! she spent probably 20-30 minutes with us and printed off TONS of pictures. she was giggling the whole time and said, i just can't stop myself sometimes. which of course we were thinking - no problem!!! it was sooo much fun to see our little one floating around.

ben looked up at her and said "you can't tell what it is yet can you?" to which she gave us this face like - are you challenging me? she immediately went to the "evidence!" and proudly stated it's a BIG possibility that it's a boy. as soon as i saw it i said, "yay, he has a ding-a-ling!" that's what i always call those things. and i had been praying that we would have a little boy! we were sooo super excited!!! i begged her at first to please label it ding-a-ling but she hesitated. she was labeling other things like his feet, and hands and spine and so on. so i just let it be. but then at the end she of course labeled it - ding-a-ling! see above! she was wonderful!!!

moral of this story -

1 - always have your husband use his charm if an ultrasound isn't scheduled.

2 - always bring a golden ticket for the ultrasound lady.

3 - come to the ultrasound with a full bladder!



Lyndsay Almeida said...

hahahahaha! this makes me miss you so bad. i want to see the ding-a- ling picture in person. :)

only YOU AND BEN could talk her into labeling it "ding a ling". your kid's going to be so proud one day!

i'm so glad to hear that you didn't burst into tears or anything. i can't see myself ever doing that either, so hearing you say it makes me feel more normal!

i'm thinking this means i have one year to get pregnant. that way our girl will be 2 years younger than your boy and we can set up an arranged marriage!

Erin Morgan said...

You guys are hysterical!! I love the story! And we all know Ben has the charm to convince anyone of anything!!

I agree that hearing the heartbeat wasn't as "magical" for me either, and I tend to be an emotional person. I would much rather see the baby on the ultrasound!!

Congrats again!!

Tripple A said...

my wife is crazy! i can't wait to be an uncle! and regarding the picture, our family always made us proud!!

Megan said...

I am so excited for you guys!! Enjoyed reading your commentary on the whole experience!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm cracking up only because I know you and Ben so well. I feel as though I were in the room with you!! Hahaha...But not really. I mean, that would just be wrong. hahaha. Love you!! Ding a ling!!