Monday, March 9, 2009

finally an explanation for mia and.....some exciting news!

hey all!!!
so....first of all i apologize for not posting very much lately. once you read this post by my amazing and hilarious husband you'll understand! i have included my little commentary in parenthesis.

This is Audrey's husband... Apparently, I'm a guest poster today and maybe a bit over the foreseeable future.

Ok, so rumor has it that if you "Do It" (and you all know what "IT" is) then, at some point, you have the potential of getting preggo. Well, funny story... We did "IT" ((ah) just to clarify, we've done IT more than just once...we practiced for almost 7 years!!!) and guess what, Audrey is PREGGO! The weird thing is that now everyone knows that Audrey and I have actually done "IT". Sorry to Audrey's dad for that potential visual.

Enough of that... This has been an amazingly crazy ride. I had no clue... I'm telling you, no CLUE what went on at those Dr. appts that you all women go to. So, we're sitting in there waiting for the Dr. and I'm playing with these crazy shifter looking arms at the end of the table. Little did I know that those were foot stirrups! I won't say anything more other than, HOLY CRAP! Somebody could have warned me about that whole first Dr.'s visit and what the HECK went on there. Anyway, it was interesting to say the least.

I'm telling you, I'm clueless... The other day, Audrey mentioned that she was so tired and didn't feel very well. My, logical, response was, "Whelp, you better get ready... You've got about 7 more months of this left." ( (ah) seriously...that's what he said! i told him it wasn't a good idea to say that anymore and now we joke about it!) Ok, so apparently that's not the right thing to say to an emotional preggo. Yes, I'm clueless. We were at Babies R Us a few weeks ago looking at Pack-and-Plays... What guy knows that you have to get a Pack-and-Play AND a crib. I thought that the Pack-and-Play replaced the crib and that the crib was just an old school bed that some people still got. ( (ah) he seriously did think this was the case. and he couldn't understand why i'd look for a relatively cute pack-n-play.) Seriously! By the way, the preggo emotions come and go at all different times... it's just weird! Yeah, our Babies R Us trip was one of those times where the emotions were in full force! She was hungry, so it's understandable. Actually, Audrey is an amazing preggo chick. In fact, she's still working out and living life like normal and she has complained very little, if any. Seriously, she's amazing ( (ah) yeah...he better put that in there! ;) )and I'm not just saying that to score points!

Have I mentioned how crazy this is? At first, I was just taken aback and really didn't know how to respond to this whole baby thing. I'm quite immature and who the heck would give ME a child. Apparently, the Lord thinks it's the right time, so I'm willing. I'm still not sure if it's totally hit me yet, but I've come a long way over the last 14 weeks. In fact, I'm CRAZY excited about having a baby BOY. Yep, it's a boy! We were at the Dr.'s last Thursday and I was able to use my charm and stunning good looks ( (ah) it's true...he's got a lot of charm!!) to get the Dr. to do an ultrasound. That was a funny experience in itself... I'll let Audrey tell you all about that one... BUT, because she's only 14 weeks along, we didn't think they would be able to tell us the sex of the baby. However, the ultrasound tech looked at me and said that she could totally tell the sex. In fact, she said, "It is a BIG possibility that it's a boy. I mean it's a BIG possibility." haha... Apparently he takes after his father! Sorry, I had to put that in there, what guy wouldn't! Yep, it's a boy and we're super excited about that.

So, Audrey and I have made a few commitments during this process. First, we're not "Googling" anything about any of this. We think that Googling stuff can lead to all kinds of craziness, so we're just not doing it. Second, we're only reading very select books. Our Dr. recommended a book that we're reading about the week by week progression of the baby. We're also reading a parenting book called "Baby Wise" because we've heard that it's amazing! Third, we're not going to hide anything or keep anything a secret. In fact, it's a boy and we want all of our friends and family to help us come up with a great name! So, at some point, we're going to put up a poll on this blog and give you all the ability to cast your vote and make suggestions. Forth, we want to "Steal" all the good advice we can get from people who have been through this already. We want our friends and family to help us with everything from what stroller to get to how they found it best to schedule feedings. As I've said about 100 times already, I'm clueless, so we need those close to us to help us along this process. Finally, and most importantly, we're going to trust the Lord. He's the one who put this baby into our lives and we are totally helpless. It is up to Him to develop the baby's personality and heart and the baby's physical features and health. We can't do anything about it so we have committed to trust in the Lord.

Whelp, there ya go... this is the official anouncement that Audrey is Preggo!
More to come...

i'm back now, this is audrey...
so, this is going to be a fun and crazy say the least!!! wouldn't you say?
so.....who caught on to all the clues that i've been posting over the last several months? i know a few of you did!
we've got lots of great and funny stories! i'll try to post more frequently about them on here! like....the ultrasound experience when we found out it was a boy. quite funny! i'll post that later this week.

and ps...don't feel bad if the ultrasound pic does nothing for you. i used to just look at them and be like - "wow that's your baby." (in a less than excited voice) but now that it's my's pretty cool to look at. more or less reassuring that i am pregnant in fact, because i really don't feel pregnant at all yet!

so there ya have it!!!


Tori said...

Yay! an ultrasound pic! where's the "ding-a-ling"???

Brittania Garden Photoart said...

awesome! i actually did pick up on one or two of the 'clues'. this post was hilarious! i can't wait to read more about your journey, it will be amazing.
check out i signed up with them and got weekly updates about what's going on with the baby and what stage it's at in it's growth and developement. the nice part is that they continue the updates after the baby is born. i'm still getting updates about my 4 year old, but they are waaaay less frequent. it was really helpful though.


Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Yay! Its out! So excited :)

Emily said...

Aw Congrats!! I'm so excited for you guys!! I did kind of catch on when you said in one of your posts a while back that you had accomplished another one of your goals for the year :) So I've been waiting for an update!! I'll be praying for you and your little one!!

Dykema's said...

Congrats!!! SO exciting! And I love that you're going to read Babywise, we swear by it! Hope you have a wonderfully pleasant pregnancy! (p.s. good work on still working out! I did with Madisyn and had a GREAT pregnancy. Didn't so much with Landon and had a, well, not very pleasant pregnancy. Coincidence, maybe... )

pink coffee photoart said...

FINALLY an official announcement! Now i can tell the WHOLE WORLD!! We are so excited for you two. I know this little guy, yes I'm convinvced it's a boy, will be the coolest kid ever. :) And no, Anderson doesn't mind at all if you name him Athayde-heehee

Kris & Leanne said...

Cute post you two. :D Made me laugh.
You'll be amazing parents!

- Lea

Erin Morgan said...

Yeah!! How exciting!! Did you check out our site today??? Hope your feeling well and I just can't tell you how excited I am for you guys! I had a feeling about a month ago... you'd said something during a post that just tipped me off :)You both will be great parents!! Congrats!!

Julie said...

ooooooh i get it now. that's how babies are made. btw your mom wants to know "where are the nurses notes on the ultrasound?"

Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

I love the is hilarious and reminds us of Grant's experience also...he actually stood in the corner of the doc's appt. quite uncomfortable. But I love the BabyWise book and you will use some of those techniques with you and baby habeck. COngrats again...much love! Also....we are ready for 6 months pics...let's plan a date

Austin & Elizabeth Lineberry said...

Ya'll are great. Ben, you're hilarious! This will be quite the experience Aud... I'm so glad to get to be preggo with you! How fun!!!

audrey habeck said...

thanks for all the super sweet comments! don't worry i'll let yall in on any other hilarious thoughts of the hubs! registering should be interesting to say the least!