Wednesday, February 4, 2009

so much to little time!!!!

hey guys! you ever have to-do lists soooo long that all you can do is sit and stare at them because it completely overwhelms you? welp, that's where i'm at! sheeeshhh!!! i have so many goals for (ah) this year! not to mention the lists of goals for my real job and all those personal goals too!

one of my goals for (ah) is to attend a workshop this year. which, i am proud to say i can cross that off my list. i signed up for amy wenzel's workshop in grand rapids, michigan and i'm soooo excited!!!

i'll be spending 3 days with this chick

and some other super cool photog's learning how to be even better!!!! can't wait!

so on to the rest of my to do list.....

maybe i'll start one of the items this week. like...oh let's say, my favorite pics from 2008?!?! which i probably should have posted in january. but hey, give me some slack peeps!

a ton has been going on around here. i can't wait to tell you about it in a few weeks!!!!
i'll be able to cross off one of my personal goals (it was kind of a joke at the beginning of the year) but it still happened! yippeeee!!!!

until next time.....



pinkcoffee photoart said...


Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

I hear ya on trying to get everything done on the list......I can't seem to get my life back in order.....ahhhhhh!

Erin Morgan said...

Have you seen Lisa Rae Photography in GR? She' friends with the pottengers and photographed many of our CU friends, including the Sopers. She is very talented. She's also doing a workshop in GR. Have fun!! I'm sure you'll learn a ton!

Tori said...

That Amy chic is pretty hot. You guys are gonna have tons of fun! I'm so jealous...Jaime needs to hire me on her staff so I have an excuse to go :)