Thursday, February 19, 2009

(ah) 2008 favorites ::sweet curiosity:: part1

i just love children. i love their energy and their playfulness. but most of all i love their curiosity. they're so curious about everything around them. i had so much fun with each of these children this year. looking back over these pictures reminds me of how great of clients i have! i absolutely love it when a client comes to me with a creative session in mind. this first one - chatham's mom wanted some pictures of her on their donkey. it was such a fun session.

these little guys are twins. and boy were they sooo fun to chase around!

thanks to all of my amazing clients for letting me capture their adorable children. i just love them all! hope you're all having a great week! stay tuned for part 2 of ::sweet curiosity:: more cute faces.




Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Gah, I love all of those pictures! You are so talented, girl! When I have babies, will you please take tons of pictures of them????