Monday, December 1, 2008


ben and i started our trip up north friday evening before thanksgiving. our first stop was his grandpa's house about an hour south of akron, oh. his grandpa has 100's of acres of land in amish country. it was beautiful. life seems so much simpler there! we met ben's parents, sister and brother-in-law and neices there along with my brother and sister-in-law and josh and katy who are basically another brother and sister to me! lots of people in the middle of nowhere, all relaxing together enjoying the outdoor's and birdy's (ben's grandpa's wife) amazing cooking! wow! she made us full meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. the boys went hunting (except ben, not so much into that) and the girls went for lots of long walks. we chatted about whatever was on our minds while inhaling the crisp northern ohio air! i love long walks with my family! at night we hung out around the bonfire sipping on grandpa teets home made apple pie cider brandy. it was amazing!!!! i can't say thanks enough to grandpa and birdy! it was a much needed weekend of relaxation and fellowship with our families!

more to come on thanksgiving later. i'll share some pictures this week too.
but for now, here's some cute little kids that i captured the week before i left!
i loved their personalities! they were a blast!

on their way to feed the horses
the cute little guy looking everywhere for the horses
finally - just what he wanted - to feed them!
and some sweet lovin' from his sister.
these first 4 pictures would definitely have to be in a series on my wall if these were my kids!
i don't know what it is about the vintageyness to these pictures but i just love it! i love the way the vintage process makes these pictures feel like they could hang in your house forever, as art. not as timed pictures of your kids.

hope you enjoy them wendy!!!



Unknown said...

You are SO good at this!!!
Awesome pics Aud!

Unknown said...

You are REALLY great at this Aud! Awesome pics!