Saturday, December 20, 2008

mentzer family ::sneak peek::

this session was an absolute blast! we took the pictures at brayden's grandparents house - which by the way was beautiful! it's one of those houses that every where you look you feel like you could stare for hours because it was decorated to the T! brayden had all of his aunts and uncles oohhhing and ahhhing at him the entire time. we got lots of great laughs out of this little guy! he was so cute!

this family has quickly become one of my favorites! erica is absolutely adorable and sooo sweet to work with. and brayden is so cute - you can already tell he's going to be a ladies man! just look at all his cute little faces. chad and erica - you guys make a super cute family!!!!

surprise, surprise, i couldn't decide which i liked better - color or b&w?

aren't they such a cute family???

more of the little guy who stole the show.....



Angel said...

What a gorgeous family. That baby is just so adorable.