Wednesday, November 5, 2008


what that heck does that mean?
yup...that's what i was wondering too when i saw it.
apparently it's national blog posting month.
that means you have to post every day for a month. this month. november.
so why not add that to my ridiculous list of things to do?
because i'm crazy, and it sounds fun and i like to set myself up for failure.
let's see how i do.
it doesn't count that i missed a few days already. because today is the 4th and i didn't know it started until today - so i get a little break!

here's to blogging everyday for a month!
anyone want to join me?
let me know if you do so i can follow your blog too!

...and because blog posts are so boring without pictures, i thought i'd add one of some of our favorite friends from jax! we got to meet them for dinner in athens this summer! love you guys! miss you!



Jennifer Katherine said...

National Blog Posting Month?! I never knew it existed! :)