Sunday, November 9, 2008

every three seconds

every three seconds a child under the age of 5 dies from poverty-related causes.

is that statistic upsetting? it should be!
i've talked about my experience at catalyst several times, but i have one more thing to say about it. we had the opportunity to hear a compassion girl speak at the conference and it was really eye opening. so often you see the stands to adopt a child at different concerts or conventions, but often times if you are a tad bit skeptical like i can be, you keep walking. not this time. not for me.
but that changed when i had the opportunity to hear a compassion child speak at catalyst. when i heard how her life had changed as a compassion child. she's in college now. and she shared with us how the financial support she received as a child helped her get to where she's at today. but she also shared that one of the most important parts of her journey as a compassion child was the loving letters she received from her sponsor. telling her that she is beautiful and smart and that the lord loves her! these were things that this girl had never heard before. in fact, she heard quite the contrary every day. people told her she was ugly and that she was going to be a druggie just like her dad some day. and she believed it. until she was sponsored and compassion was able to support her financially, provide her with an education and medicine, and teach her about the lord and his love for her and about the hope she can have in this world.
after i heard her spoke i was walking around several different booths with my husband networking with other organizations for Ps20. and then we came across the compassion international booth. i asked him if we could please adopt a little girl. he said "sure!" so we stood in line to look at all the adorable little kids. while standing in line i got the opportunity to meet the compassion girl who spoke. she was so sweet! we exchanged hugs and i of course got watery eyes when i was talking to her, thanking her for being willing to share her story! it was a great moment.

you too can make a difference in a child's life. it's only $32 bucks a month. do the math. that's just over $1 a day. think of all the money you spend on random different things, like.....oh say starbucks?

i am so excited to start exchanging letters with my sweet little kenyan girl! i can't wait to send her family a gift at christmas time, and her something special on her birthday. the gifts have to be monetary, but compassion helps the families with their gifts. and i especially can't wait for her to learn more about my savior and hers too! i can't wait to start telling her how beautiful and smart she is. i can't wait for her life to be changed, forever!
i hope i'll get to go to kenya someday and meet her.
that'd be awesome!

go adopt a child!
and if you do.....let me know!

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!