Wednesday, September 24, 2008

this is what we do around here

this is what we do around here at night when we get bored. erin - ben's cousin lives with us and let's just say things can get interesting around here. we all have to entertain ourselves, so we come up with ridiculous things to do. it's fun!

my husband, along with every other guy in the world, i'm sure, loves the show mythbusters. i will admit, it does catch my interest too!
we received our phone books the other day - why we continue to receive these huge yellow books with millions of pages in them confuses me!?!? i mean seriously - who still uses the phone book? i say, it's a waste of perfectly good paper and resources to put the thing together. anyway, we thought we'd at least use ours a little bit. but not for it's actual purpose.
we tested a myth along with mythbusters.
apparently if you interlace the pages of two phone books you can't pull them apart.
have you tried this?
here goes....

and it's really too bad that i wasn't faster with the camera because ben's reaction the first time was priceless! oh well!



pinkcoffee photoart said...

your husband is sooo talented!

Tori said...

Aw man, is THIS what I'm missing out on when I'm not there? Tell Joel we need a marketing meeting asap!

Erin Morgan said...

This was great!! Your craziness is refreshing!! Give Ben a hug for me!