Thursday, October 2, 2008

out with the with the new!

it's the 1st.
and i've told you a few times that the {ah} pricing will be changing on the 1st of october.

changing prices is no fun! especially when the prices increase - but in this case it does bring some fun and excitement. my prices have increased a little bit so that i can offer you, my clients, some really awesome products! i am sooo excited about the new packages that {ah} is offering! each package has a unique item making them unique to my {ah} clients.

i will no longer be offering the high resolution digital negative in my packages - more on that in a later post. however, it will still be available on an a-la-carte basis.
the 5x5 session favorites album is awesome!!! it is a top of the line album with up to 40 of your most favorite images from your {ah} session. each page has a unique art border around each picture. it's so clean and so nice! i am sooo excited to start placing the orders for these!

the signature session box is also pretty neat! this item has such a great value. this item has been created with the intention of replacing the high resolution digital negative. with the signature session box you will receive all your 4x6 prints from your session in a chocolate brown 4x6 signature box. personally - as a consumer, i would appreciate this product much more than the high resolution digital negative because you actually receive prints, rather than a cd for a certain price that you have to take to an unmentioned (poor quality) printing lab to pay for your prints.

and last, but certainly not least the deliciously fresh coffee table book. this book wraps up your {ah} session into a....well....deliciously fresh layout. each page displays a layout of your favorite images. it's sheer eye candy. and you and your loved ones will enjoy it for the rest of time!

with all that being said.
{ah} has made lots of changes over the past few weeks.
new blog, updated site, new pricing, new packaging, new products, new fun!

i love new......
let's do something honor of all the new....
the 1st new {ah} client to contact me regarding a session will receive 30% off a package of their choice! wow....i'm feeling super generous today!