Tuesday, November 18, 2008

last call...and a little secret....

want me to tell you a secret?
i was on my way home from work friday afternoon. it was cold. there was that crisp cold nip in the air. something put me in the christmas spirit. so at dinner i told my husband and cousin that we had two options for our friday night...."go christmas shopping, or get in our christmas pj's, turn on the christmas music, and start putting up the christmas decorations."
i know! i'm crazy!
i wasn't surprised when erin my cousin chose decorating, but surprisingly my husband even chose that too. i guess i shouldn't have been so surprised, he hates shopping. and i think secretly he was hoping he'd get to just watch a movie or something while we put up our "tacky" tree.
but he didn't get away with it.
what's a tacky tree you ask? well....we just basically put anything we could think of on the tree. white lights and colored lights - not around the tree, but up, down and around. and mismatched ornaments. and random different candy canes. and a lame red bird perched on the top. and or course, you can't forget the tinsel. gobs of it! it was like a tinsel throwing party! we had 4 boxes of it. i think it was like 4000 strands of tinsel or something ridiculous like that! it was so fun!
we are going to put a real christmas tree in our family room after t-giving. i don't think they're even selling real ones anywhere yet.
and really....i'm only 2 weeks early. we always put up the decs the day after t-giving!
and we're going to be out of town the whole week of t-giving. so i really only consider myself to be a week early!
i'm sorry to those of you who are strictly against this early christmas decorating. i know you peeps are out there. but i just couldn't resist! i love christmas so much. and i'm not discrediting t-giving, because i love that too!

::this is your last call to place your orders for 2008 holiday cards.
don't worry - you don't have to use pictures from a holiday session. you can use any picture from any of your 2008 (ah) sessions!
just let me know which pictures are your favorite!
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Emily said...

Love the cards!! I've been meaning to get going on mine this year. Hope the fall is treating you well!!

christie brinson said...

just HOW soon will the modern holiday cards be here??? i'm excited to see those!

Derek and Katie said...

way.. way.. too early seriously. Looks pretty good though.