Friday, May 16, 2008

sweet gravy

it was time for my friend kelley to get some new pics for her studio - sweet gravy studio.

she's so cool and fun and artistic and creative and on and on. she likes the junk gypsy type style. so we decided to get her all dressed up like one! when i went to pick her and her kids up to do the shoot they hadn't eaten lunch. so kelley decided that we should stop by the little market on the corner. mind you she lives in the country. so here walks in kelley with her huge peach skirt and her kids in tow trying to get some mac n cheese and peach cobbler. she's southern to the core! the people looked at her in the store and said "kelley, what in the heck are you up to today? have your kids made you crazy?"

you had to be was pretty funny!
here are some pics from the session.


Anonymous said...

these look awesome. she looks beautiful and you totally captured her style. well done. love you.