Saturday, May 31, 2008

love is the....

i saw this sticker pasted on to something last weekend in atlanta. and i instantly related with the saying. it is! love is the shiznit! for anyone who knows me, you've probably heard my swearing repertoire. for those of you who don't know me - it's quite shocking. i say all of the swear words in one foul swoop. is this something i should be proud of? prolly not, but what the heck....i am!

don't get the wrong impression. i don't swear when its serious. i just like the shock value of my little repertoire sometimes. here's the order s*#!, a*#, d*&%, f*$#, b*^$@! YIKES!!
it's fun to say should try it sometime. but not when you're mad.
i'm bad aren't i?

well here's another saying i saw today - and i couldn't agree more!

"i guess i'm on my way to making history then." go me!

it was written on the bathroom wall in this cool breakfast place in dahlonega, ga.
which might be one of my new favorite little towns in georgia - only because it reminds me of colorado - and i REALLY love that state!

we've got an old friend from college here this weekend, and we're having a great time! ben's spending a lot of time golfing with him, and i'm laying out by the pool. can't complain!

we went to the BEST thai place ever last night! YUM!!!
here's a shot of us with some of our bestest friends from jax - lyndsay and anderson.

they came to visit us over memorial day weekend. and we miss them already!
this one isn't a very good shot of us - but it's all i have. lyndsay got all the good pics.
hope you're having a good weekend!


Lyndsay Almeida said...

potty mouth.

Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

Oh my...I am disappointed in the swearing...hahaha....JK! What is up with Ben's paris hilton pose...hand on the gay...LOL! The one of you and him is really good when are we going out?

audrey habeck said...

hey...don't be talkin trash about my paris husband! he's HOT! ha!

audrey habeck said...

or wait...i shoulda said...."loves it bitch!"