Thursday, April 10, 2008

random thought

so....some people hate well....not so much running, but more flossing my teeth. i in the heck do these two relate? they don't! but flossing my teeth is something i hate. i have a friend (yes zoie, i'm refering to you) who flosses her teeth every night. when i found out this interesting little fact about her i thought to myself - i'm gonna try that. may have lasted a week. let's just face it. it's yet another thing to add to the list of getting ready for bed. by that time, i'm sooo tired i just want to crawl in bed. usually i'm half asleep because i've already fallen asleep on the couch next to my husband who could watch tv until 2am every night (or should i say morning). needless to say, brushing my teeth and washing my face in and of itself is a major accomplishment every night. but then to throw in flossing? that darn thread gets stuck in between my teeth and i have to rip it out. or it makes my gums bleed (every now and then, don't worry i don't have some gum disease or anything!) or how about that retainer that i still have on my bottom teeth. annoying! i have to use a stupid needle and thread to be able to get through that darn thing!


my consesus....flossing teeth is annoying, over rated, and i just don't have time for it.

there....aren't you so glad you know that random thought.

sorry - you probably feel like i just robbed you of 3 whole minutes!
but.....i might try to make a goal to at least use the needle and thread once a week.
baby steps!





Michael Morales said...

Audrey, don't give up so soon... Don't they say, it takes 20 or 30 times to develop a habit? You'll get to the point where you will feel gross and like you're in a total shame spiral when you neglect to floss. Let's try telepathy... you send me some of your organization, creativity, gym motivation, etc.... I'll send you my sweet dental routine... I am such a nerd!! Are we really friends? Miss you!

Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

I am a HUGE need to get in the habit of wonder your breath stinks all the!
Flossing makes my teeth feel so much cleaner, in fact, if you ask my family, I am obsessed with it

audrey habeck said...

can you tell that "morales family" is my friend who flosses every day! ha! love it zoie! it's a deal - the telepathy is on its way to you right now "GO RUN!" did you get it???