Thursday, April 3, 2008

meet the ash family

these guys are fun! kelley is an artist and her work is awesome!!! check her out at sweet gravy studio. she does shows all over the country. i love her style! and mark is an architect. he designs some pretty sweet houses one of which is their own house! i wish i still had some pics of it. it's an industrial farm house and it has the coolest little touches to it! they definitely aren't afraid of color and i love it!

we went downtown atlanta to do this shoot. it was the first time i went down there to do a shoot since i moved back. it was kind of a crazy day. and unfortunately we couldn't really find any places we were super excited about. but here are a few shots of the fam damily!
hope you guys enjoy them!

can't decide which i like better - color or bw with texture?

kelley - we'll find some real big bright colored ice cream cones next time. forget these lame little popsicles. these will have to just tie us over for now.
poor finn - his was green tea flavored - sick!!!!

there's just something about daddy's with their little girls!



Lyndsay Almeida said...

these are fun. i like the popsicle one! green tea? ugh:)

The Hansen's said...

Hey Aud...we are on the blogger to,
So you are back to GA, what is new,new job? Your pictures are great! Hope to hear from you soon!