Thursday, February 28, 2008

the un-goodbye's

some of our friends decided that we all needed to get together one last time before we head out of town. so we all got together last week at pizza palace for a little "un-goodbye" party! it was soooo nice to see everyone one last time! thanks kat and zach for organizing this! and thanks everyone for one last "see ya later!"

we missed a couple people for pictures - bummer! Holly & Chris, and Justice & Caron, hope we didn't miss anyone else!

we'll miss everyone - "fo sho!" can't wait to have each of you come visit us in the atl!!!'re probably wondering what the heck the empty jar of classico is doing with sticks and grass in it! it's definitely a little inside joke - but i'll share briefly!
one time.....a lizard got into our house. we don't like lizards! especially my husband! so it was a little weird to go to bed at night, for fear that little lizzy may come and run over us! yikes! something woke ben up in the middle of the night. so he went to get himself a glass of water and go figure...lizzy decided to show her little self. so ben screamed "the lizard" at 2 am and woke me out of my slumber. i came running into the kitchen and that dang lizard taunted us for about 2 hours - until we chased it into a vent and taped it shut! HA!!! that's what you get you little lizard...for taunting us! the next day we had small group at our house and everyone was wondering what the heck the tape was doing on our vent. we've never lived it down! so our nice friends nate & taylor decided they were going to give us a sweet little something to help us remember florida! thanks guys!!!!

**side note - i promise i'm not cruel to animals! only lizards that decide to taunt me in the middle of the night.