Thursday, January 3, 2008

*welcome 2008*

2007 was a crazy year! a lot happened! each new year i like to think back on where i grew the most in the past year. i definitely grew a lot this past year. i realized that i need and want to be a better steward. in everything i do or have. whether that be with my finances or my time or the resources that i have been given from this earth. leftover food, lights, water, energy, bags, recycling, etc. etc. i want to make the most of what i have, and stop wasting things! i want to pay more attention to the earth god put me on. the one he spent so much energy creating for you and i. i want to take better care of it.

i also learned that i need to do a better job of loving people. regardless of where they come from or what their circumstances may be. i find that i can be too judgemental. i act as if i have the right to sit in some throne and determine who is or isn't good. sheeesh! i have no idea where i get off thinking i can sit there! it's actually quite ridiculous, and quite contrary to my purpose here on this earth. i've learned that i am here to love people. that i might be the only physical representation of christ that someone may experience. meaning - my interactions with them. if i (a follower of christ) don't show them love and acceptance, then who will? in every interaction with someone i have the choice to reflect christs unending, non-judgemental love to them; or i can choose to pretend as though i deserve the right to sit in some throne and judge. if i choose the later, i may push that person away from the possible desire of every wanting to experience his love for us! i don't want to be guilty of that!

i want to focus on being healthy this year. healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. in the same way that i feel like my day has not been productive if i haven't worked out - i want to feel that same way if i haven't spent any quiet moments with "the man upstairs."

i am looking forward to the journies and lessons to come in 2008. they are already starting!

i encourage you to think about what you want to focus on this year to become a better person. the person god created you to be!

happy 2008!


Stacy said...

Dude! Didn't know you had a blog! Yeah! Love the pictures and I love you!