Saturday, January 19, 2008

a gap ad

last weekend i met this family in daytona beach to snap a few pictures. we had such a blast!!! they might be the coolest family ever. i've always felt a little bit sad for the dad - having 4 daughters and all - but after this shoot i don't feel bad for him at all. he's one of the luckiest dads ever. 4 great daughters and a beautiful family! we better all start praying for him now...he's gonna have his hands full in a couple of years! i hope you enjoy these as much as i have. here's a few favorites from the session.
they look like they should be in a gap ad here don't they?
can't decide which i like better - black & white or color?

this was so fun! we sat here on the side of this building for like 20 minutes trying to chew the gum to get the right consistency. not to mention we got a couple different types of gum - just to make sure we could get some good bubbles. we wish we could've gotten them bigger - but let me tell ya how hard it is to get 6 people to blow a bubble at the same time! i mean...seriously!

til next time....



Lyndsay Almeida said...

I think these are my favorite set!