Thursday, January 10, 2008

faves of '07 *round 1*

i have good intentions of posting more. but so often i sit here and think, what am i going to write about? there are so many thoughts and not enough time to put them all down. right now i am just feeling so overwhelmed with joy thinking about all the opportunities i've had over the past year to capture all of my amazing clients! so i thought...what better than to share some of my favorites, right here. i was originally going to do my favorite 7 of '07 - but my folder of favorites kept growing, and i didn't want to leave any of my favorites out. so i thought, why not do a series of posts and share them all! i hope you are all ready! the next few (ok, so it'll probably be more than a few) will be some of my favorites from the past year. i am very grateful to my clients for allowing me the chance to capture them. i know there is no way possible to express that, but i am.

looking back on this past year makes me so excited for all of the opportunities to come in 2008. i've had a lot of requests to shoot weddings. i can't wait! i love weddings, and feel so honored that people have asked me to be a part of their special day! i can't wait to capture their emotions and feelings for them to share for ever. stay tuned...




Leticia said...

Audrey! I think I completely forgot to write you after you left a comment on our blog. I'm so sorry, I had full intentions of writing back! Thanks for writing. I have been looking at your blog regularly because you always have such wonderful pictures! You seriously are SO tallented! Not to mention, I absolutely love your photography website. Thanks again for writing, keep in touch!